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The Wild Dakotas

Series Highlights

Contrasts of light and space on the Dakota plains






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This photo series is a rare capture of the American Great Plains on both private and public land, giving true insight into the beauty and design of this nearly forgotten landscape. Here I experiment with contrasts of light and space by examining plant densities and weather patterns across the north-west corner of the state. NDSU did not fund this project; I took these while on assignment for unrelated field research.

Solitary Tree.jpg
Sundown at a Reseach Center.jpg
Line of Trees Surrounded by Fields.jpg
Wheat Blowing Against Dark Sky.jpg
Sungflowers 1 Post Process.jpg
Hillside with Bush in the Evening.jpg
Contrasted Field and Forest.jpg
Eggs 2.jpg
Dry Hills and Hay and a Cloud.jpg
Aspen Grove Framed.jpg
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