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Welcome to the New Site!

Hey all. I have happily spent my winter break consolidating my creative works into one useful tool: Personally, I am extremely happy with the results. Previously my only "published" work was on the now defunct Paper Shogun website, as well as in random places across 3 laptops, a phone, and several flash drives. My hope is that, now that I have all my creative work in one place, I can focus more on running multiple projects at once as opposed to the previous one-and-done mentality, where I had to "finish" one work before beginning another.

Here's to new beginnings, a Merry Christmas, and an end to a year everyone complained about but few had a right to be unhappy over. Cheers!

(Here's me from two years ago in Prague, standing outside the Prague Clock. Glad I traveled when I had the chance!)

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