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Things Forthcoming in the Fall

So the first official year of the website has been an interesting one. I spent my whole summer writing and by November have nothing to show for it. And I promise, I am working hard. In the next few days you should hopefully see the first of a few publications I have been meaning to publish for a while: a poem about an old growth forest I wrote in 2012. Following this (assuming it did not get picked up by any of the magazines I submitted them to), there should be a few others, followed by around January/February with the first of my short stories about a bunch of miners living in Gold Rush Colorado. After all of that is done, I have many, many other treats for people to salivate over, but for the time being, this is pretty much just a website, as it has been all year. Maybe the holidays will bring us some fortune, maybe not. But nonetheless, I am slaving away at getting the seedlings of my portfolio up and running. You have my word, small as that may yet


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