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Social Media Links Fixed and a Quick Project Update

Hey all. I just spent the evening uploading various minor fixes to the website. Most of these are unnoticeable back end cleanup but one thing that I think everyone can appreciate: the social media links now work on both desktop and mobile! Yay! I have been spending alot of time buffing up my social media accounts lately, so this helps round out yet another kink in the otherwise complicated web that is an artists self-promotional toolset.

As of right now, I think I have a good foundation for my work, and will be shifting focus from buffing the backend to finishing various writing projects which have yet to be published. And this brings me to a quick update, in line with my "What's Next" post from this past May.

Teachings of the Gemstone Woman, or "A Telegram from Outer Space": Approaching the end of editing and should be at a submission stage within about a month and a half to two months. This short story needed lots of changes as it approached completion, and I have been helped greatly by my famous team at Mile High Writer's Workshop, where I do much of my editing. I can't promise my best work here, but I can promise this one will stand the test of time VERY well, knowing where we're headed and how these changes have affected people in the past.

Various Poems: Currently still in the process of going through submission and rejection but all of my completed poems are currently in with The New Yorker, Poetry, and American Poetry Review, which are the big three for poetry. Barring these avenues, I may just submit to some low-hanging-fruit places but no matter what I assure you these will all see the light of day somehow.

Upcoming Sci-fi Graphic Novel: Hmm, if only I'd give away the title? I will tell you this one does involve monkeys. Monkeys in spacesuits. This work is making good progress but is still a ways off. I have been working on the marketing strategy ahead of time as I very much plan to self-publish this. I will probably reveal a few more details about the story soon but will not publish it until Teachings is out, followed by one other story and possibly an essay or two. Soon, though. This one will be used to define my early writing career.

Thanks for reading and, as always, stay safe out there. The summer sun is only getting hotter. I'm just happy to have my family with me as the world weathers more changes than we'd thought possible for so, so long.

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