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Filling in the Blank Space

So I've been applying to jobs lately, largely trying to take a pause on the education world. Teaching is rewarding, but unfortunately the USA has a tendency to regulate in a way that only an overdeveloped society possibly could. So as I've been doing that, I've also been awkwardly noticing how empty some of the website is. I click my written works page and have...three things published I guess? So I have taken some time the past few weeks to buff out some of that emptiness, giving some more bite to my lovingly crafted corner of the internet.

You'll now notice that the education, photography, and written works pages all have much more material on them. Feel free to have a look! In particular please notice the writing samples on the education page, exemplary of my ability to write material for the education sector. Many of these ideas I made from scratch, though this is not always something I can do without resources.

In photography, we have some nice shots of a cabin way atop Mt. Evans. Very cool, I'm sure you had been simply salivating for that one. And on the written works page, you'll notice as many as five new entries in both poetry and short stories. Besides the ones with dates next to them, which are published, these titles are for works that not been published yet, but will be in the near future. How near future? I don't know. But I can tell you that all of the titles listed except for "The Backrooms Accident", which will probably change, are effectively at the submission stage, meaning they're ready to go.

So ya, I've been busy. Additionally, if the stars align, please expect a few journalistic entries from Atlas Obscura soon. As I've been applying for freelance, I've realized I don't have alot in the way of journalism available, and that seemed like a low-hanging fruit for travel magazines, leisure, and anyone that likes creepy things like plane crashes and mausoleums filled with dead animals (or, like, whatever else is on there that's too weird to mention).

Teachings of the Gemstone Woman, mentioned in a blog post last April, is very much finished and at the submission stage, and I'm finishing up a poem for a contest from Frontier Poetry, to be submitted before the 15th. So, really, there's alot to celebrate, even though I don't have much more work out yet.

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