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Paper Shogun - A Game of Cartoon Swordsmen

Paper Shogun - A board game for 2-8 people

Paper Shogun is a unique print-and-play board game about combining the skillful art of swordplay with the cautious wit of pencil-on-paper. By using your ability to draw, react, and think on your feet, you enable the samurai you draw to survive the game and ultimately claim the title of the most powerful samurai on the table: The Paper Shogun.


In order to succeed at Paper Shogun, you do not need great artistic talent; you simply need to be able to think quickly and outsmart everyone else in the group. Paper Shogun can be played with 2 or more people, but works best with 4-8 players who consider themselves quick of wit and sleight of hand…

The Basics

Paper Shogun can be easily played with household materials. The game consists of four rounds, each lasting 90 seconds, where you draw a stick figure and animate it frame-by-frame to react to dice rolls. A whole game takes around 15 minutes to play, and is great for parties and social events.


And best of all, it's completely free.


 What you'll need to play Paper Shogun:

- Access to a working printer

- 2 different colored dice

- Pens or pencils for each player

- A timer that can last up to 90 seconds


And that's it!

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