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Tropical Beach


Originally written July 2015, self-published online November 2021

With wings spread

The Cecropia moth wanes

In the glinting sunlight

Of a shadowspread pasture


Its eyespots glow

Like embers in the dying night

The passionate secrets of time

Lost deep in its spellbound design


The forest is guarded

By elvenkind forces

Some standing as men

Some soft like a moth


Its eyes are drops of dew

Its legs are nimble and quick-witted

Its antennae plumaceous

Its mind sewn deep into the ancient wood


When man comes wayfaring

The forest breaks for daylight

The fires of the writhing deep come forward

The moth cannot sustain


It flees to the outer world

Where no one grants it peace

For where once there was a forest

Now there is only ash


And though the fields of time are rife with red fire

Still does the emberborn moth lie in the quiet

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