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A Canvas Blue

Originally written July 2012, self-published online November 2021 after editing

Every morning we arise to a sky painted orange

Clouds tinted red

And a sun with golden, outstretched arms

Every evening we lie down to a canvas painted anew

A cloud-cover of the day’s leftovers


Throughout the world, one thing remains constant

The sky; ever-present, everlasting, ever-knowing

She sees everything that happens on this little bauble of ours

And turns our starlight from another world’s perspective

Not yellow, not red

But a pale and pleasant blue


Every day her face changes different

And every day she tells a new story

The emotions of the heavens are drawn across the sky

Each detail only a moment’s pause

The clouds run on an ever-present belt

A belt that rolls them into wondrous shapes and magnificent patterns

They play and sing amongst the treetops

They dance and cry at the tops of our great peaks

But the world keeps on going, spinning, living

Painted just beyond our heads

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